Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Peach

Dear Peach
It's been too long
Are we both lost in the throng

Oh Prunus Persica
How have you been
I miss this act we had together, the art of the pen (or in this case the keyboard)

I relate the stories
I relate the times
Oh those great times

My friends I tell them too
Smiles and laughs I give
Of how we both used to live

But these gifts I run short of
Little we have recently shared
Long since our antics were paired

I don't ask for much
We are growing, I know
But every now and then, let's put on a show

Distance there may be
Time may not be on our side
At least we will have tried

Despite the miles, stories can still be made
No obstacle has held us back
No, there is nothing that we lack

So if you're willing
Let us give this a try
The only limit is the sky

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am the truth

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

Many today say there is no such thing as absolute truth. From philosophers to pop musicians, the word goes out that "true" is the only what you want it to be, and what is "true" for you isn't necessarily "true" for anyone else.
But Jesus Christ is absolute truth. Dozens of times He declares, "I tell you the truth.". In one of His boldest and most uncompromising statements He affirmed, "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6). The writer of the Gospel of John stated, "grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." (John 1:17). James said that God "chose to give us birth through the word of truth" (James 1:18'NIV)
Do not be misled by the moral and spiritual relativity of our age. God has revealed His truth to us - in His written Word, the Bible, and in the living Word, Jesus Christ. And because Jesus is absolute truth, you can depend on Him absolutely!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Day Is at Hand

     I once read about a sundial on which was inscribed the cryptic message, ''It is later than you think.'' Travelers would often pause to meditate on the meaning of that phrase.  Its author undoubtedly wanted to remind others of the shortness of the uncertainty of life.
     We Christians have a sundial-the Word of God. From Genesis to Revelation it bears its warning: ''It is later than you think.''  Writing the the Christians of his day Paul said, ''It is already the hour for you to awaken from sleep; for now salvation is nearer to us than when we believed. The night is almost gone, and the day is at hand. Let us therefore lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light'' (Rom. 13:11-12, NASB)
     Learn to live each day as if it were your last. Some day it will be.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Man, I Feel Like a...

What?! What do I feel like?! I'll tell you, but don't judge. I feel like a woman. Let's let that sink in, now know I'm a guy, now know that this is not how I really feel. It's a song by Shania Twain, one that I discovered around middle school when it was what my mom listened to. So, being a middle schooler, and hearing it all the time, I grew to enjoy it. I borrowed the CD and listened to it as much as my mom had. I enjoyed it enough to grace my friend Cody with hearing it. He too took a liking to it, Man, I Feel Like a Woman being our favorite song.

We listened to it non-stop, we learned all the words and sang it as loud as we could. We didn't care about the potential strange looks we got from others, which I'm sure we got plenty, and even now I'm sure we wouldn't care.

I remember one moment when we were sing that song, it was a beautiful sunny day and Cody and I were just outside of his garage, listening to the music coming from it. I don't remember exactly what we were doing outside, perhaps basketball, inventing something, eating food off one of the cars, whichever it was we were singing along to the song while doing it. Unknowingly to us, Cody's dad had come to the garage to get something and witnessed Cody and I proudly proclaiming how wonderful it was to be a woman. Again, I don't exactly remember, but I'm pretty sure that when his dad told us he saw us we exchanged looks and started laughing.

I know it may not be the most interesting story out there, but I heard the song the other day and decided to write about the memories it brings back. As I write this I just had an idea, there are so many songs that are apart of our lives, Cody's and mine that is, that we should start a series of posts telling the stories of our lives in which songs are involved. Yeah, I like this idea, let's do it.

Yes Yes


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Contextual Reality

Every year, once a year, Americans gather together to celebrate the end and the beginning of something new. New Year's, a time for resolutions to set our lives straight with a clean slate. We make changes in our lives, hoping that against all odds that we will keep them, and we don't. In the context of life, of reality, deciding to change ourselves from one person to another, even over the course of a year, is quite an undertaking, and chances of succeeding are slim.

But fret not! Continue and set your goals! Goals are what keep us moving, and even if we do not succeed by the end of the allotted time, we have grown. And of course there are those few lucky and determined people who do succeed and I applaud them.

Here are some things to consider when making your New Year's resolution. Don't set yourself up for disappointment by setting unrealistic goals. For example, deciding to become a millionaire in a year is a bit unrealistic. But also know that even the smallest, most simple of goals may never come to fruition. Don't be put down by this, as long as you tried your best to reach your goal you can claim success. The key here is to never stop trying and to never forget the task you have set for yourself. One of the foremost mistakes made is forgetting what you're resolution is. If you end up forgetting what it was that probably means you had either already given up, it wasn't a serious resolution, or it wasn't important enough to you to remember it. If you plan on making a change in your life at least choose one that is important to you.

So I ask, what improvements do you plan on making this year? How will you better yourself? And why is this New Years resolution important to you?

To all, Happy New Years.